Many years ago I was very active in competitive sports, and as a result I experienced a number of painful physical dislocations.  As the Director of Providence Home, I have observed many of our resident men painfully dislocated from family, friends and employment, often because of the trappings of drugs and alcohol.  God, through the setting of Providence Home, is truly doing some amazing things in the lives of the men at Providence Home. Providence Home is a non-profit resident Christian ministry program (currently 39 beds) that stresses the importance of a dynamic relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  We emphasize the foundation of the Scriptures, which is key to being truly successful.  We believe that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the primary solution to heal those painful dislocations that are a result of sinful separation from God.  Among other things we provide short-term residency, scriptural counseling, and employment assistance. We sincerely appreciate the many churches and individuals that have donated their time and financial gifts that continue to make this an ongoing successful ministry.   Lives are being changed because of the generosity of the Christian community in Columbia. Please call or come by to see what God is doing to help these men regain independent victorious living through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I would love to give anyone a quick tour of our facilities.The staff and Board of Directors of Providence Home would like to thank each of you for your prayers and ongoing care for our men.

Rob Settle, Executive Director

FROM the executive director