Manager: ​​​ 

Jean Plyler


Chairman Bill Cogdill

The staff and Board of Directors of Providence Home are committed to preparing its residents to lead responsible and productive lifestyles as quickly as possible.  As these men are being nurtured physically, mentally and spiritually here at Providence Home through the programs developed specifically for them, they are developing the self-confidence and independence to deal with the things they will face outside in everyday life.  


Current Chairman

Bill Cogdill

Vice Chairman

William Brumbach


Steve Gentino


Edwin Davis


Kim Abbott

Mark Donnelly

J.W. Hayes

Henry (Papa) Hennagan

David Massey

Henry Rollins

Tara Whitfield

board of directors




Rob Settle

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​It’s really not complicated. They find security, love and inspiration in the Providence Home advocacy, and from their resident contemporaries who share an unbelievable camaraderie and faith in a loving God, one that has never, ever failed to fulfill His promises. 

We add three meals a day, a roof over their heads, a comfortable place for the nights rest and loving prayer for their well being.  We prayerfully ask for your support to make our continued provisioning a real and personal, Christ centered relationship building experience for these valued, but struggling, members of our community. 

Thanks for visiting our web site and we are hopeful you will consider the merits of Providence Home and the positive effects we are having on the lives of these men and make a contribution to our ministry.  

In the service of our Lord, 
William L. Cogdill Jr